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Botanic Ridge Primary teaching

General Teaching & Learning

Botanic Ridge Primary School’s approach to teaching and learning is underpinned by explicit instruction that is focused on clear behavioural and cognitive goals and outcomes.

These goals are made transparent to the learner and time on task is maximised. Learning time is intentional, purposeful and reflects a sense of urgency

We use evidence-based research to design and deliver an instructional model that facilitates high quality learning outcomes for children through the provision of a school wide structures which enable teachers to enact a gradual release of responsibility. Curriculum design is sequential, building on prior knowledge working toward increasing levels of proficiency and independence.

We use reliable, rich data to make informed decisions about student needs. Teachers collaborate to respond to children’s identified needs meeting them accordingly.

Hour of Power Insta Botanic Ridge

Hour of Power

Each day children at Botanic Ridge Primary School will participate in our school wide program the ‘Hour of Power.’

It is our belief that in order for children to achieve the very best academically, they need to have a positive perception of themselves and feel comfortable in the world they live. Children will learn how to grow Mighty Minds, display Cultural Curiosity, have Respectful Relationships and use Digital Diligence.

Mighty Minds – A broad mental health focus with key learning in self regulation, resilience, personal strengths, pride and positive coping.

Cultural Curiosity – A broad focus on acceptance and tolerance with key learning in cultural awareness, Aboriginal education, Australian history and global citizenship.

Respectful Relationships – A broad focus on interpersonal skills with key learning in emotional literacy, problem solving, stress management, help seeking and communicating clearly.

Digital Diligence – A broad focus on cyber safety and key learning on digital footprints, being present with screen time awareness, online security and bystander vs upstander behaviours.
‘Hour of Power’ learning will be on display in school assemblies, through the learning communities and via social media.

Curriculum maths


We strive to develop children through the four proficiencies of Mathematics: Fluency, Reasoning, Understanding and Problem solving.

With the ultimate goal of children being able to use their understanding and fluency when problem solving and reasoning.

We use Essential Assessment to guide our teaching in Mathematics which is directly linked to the Victorian Curriculum. Before being assigned a maths group, children complete a pre-test and then set personal learning goals, participate in activities and explicit teaching focus groups. Then they review their learning and celebrate growth.

Curriculum Literature


At Botanic Ridge Primary School we believe in the Simple View of Reading.

For children to be proficient readers and to have good reading comprehension they have to have strong language comprehension and strong word recognition (decoding). Word recognition is the ability to read and understand the words on a page, and language comprehension is the ability to make sense of the language we hear and the language we read.

Our writing program is based around the teaching of language and grammatical features taken from the Victorian Curriculum. Expressing and developing ideas, Language for interaction, Creating literature, Creating texts and Text structure and organization. Each term we focus on a different writing genre.

We use the Fountas and Pinnell system of strategic actions and the Sounds Write approach to support our literacy program.

botanic ridge STEM


At Botanic Ridge Primary School, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) provides children with engaging, hands-on learning that will help them develop 21st century skills such as critical and creative thinking, communication, initiative and problem solving.

Children in STEM are especially encouraged to be curious, ask questions and think like scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. Innovation is prone to failure and children are encouraged to fail intelligently to learn and improve future versions. The vision at Botanic Ridge is applying the disciplines of science, technology and maths to design and engineer solutions to real world problems, guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals so that children can think globally and act locally.



At Botanic Ridge Primary School, Art is a dynamic, vibrant and creative program where children are encouraged to express themselves and experiment with techniques.

Our vision means there are no mistakes in Art and all children are encouraged to be artists who adopt a growth mindset within this program. Children learn how to make and respond to artwork in the seven media types including drawing, printing, painting, sculpture, textiles, collage, and modelling. Children also have the opportunity to work within the media arts, merging Arts with Digital Technology.

Music & Performing Arts

Music and Performing Arts

The Music and Performing Arts program at Botanic Ridge Primary School provides children with valuable opportunities to explore their creativity through exposure to music, as well as drama and dance.

The Music and Performing Arts program at Botanic Ridge Primary School provides children with valuable opportunities to explore their creativity through exposure to music, as well as drama and dance. Children learn to build confidence through risk-taking and gain experience in playing a range of instruments. They also learn to act and dance in several genres and will have opportunities to incorporate technology into their learning.

Improvisation: Improvisation is an important life skill and an integral part of the music curriculum. Children will participate in improvisation activities, to develop confidence in their own creativity.

Creation: Children will build on their improvisation skills to create performance artworks. Where possible, their projects will be heavily influenced by child interest, while still maintaining learning requirements, as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.

Physical Education

Our PE program provides a positive learning experience for all children, in order to encourage the purist of life-long physical activity.

To achieve this PE will have a strong focus on building children’s confidence, with an emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship and inclusivity. Children will always be encouraged to give new things a go and to try their best, valuing progression over performance.

During their time at Botanic Ridge, children will develop fundamental motor skills such as locomotion, throwing, catching and kicking by participating in modified and minor games. Such activities will also develop each child’s knowledge of game strategies and awareness of time, space and effort.

Children will also learn dance and gymnastics, personal fitness, swimming and leisure based activities, in order to provide a well-rounded experience of physical activity.

Additionally, children will learn cultural games from around the world and discover how these are connected to the history of Australia and the games we play today.

Throughout their participation in the PE program at Botanic Ridge Primary School, children will become connected to their body and mind, in order to discover the benefits that physical activity and nutrition can have on increasing their own, and others, health and wellbeing.

Physical Education