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Camera Words

Each video covers different sets of Camera Words. Please read the following to ensure you are watching the correct videos. 

Please stop the video when you have finished the list your child is currently working on. For example if your child is currently working on Dingo words, please stop the video before you get to the Echidna words. 

Please watch the previous video before moving onto the video with your current list. For example, if you are working on Magpie words, please watch video 2 before moving onto video 3.

Camera Words Video 1
This video covers Australian Wood Duck Words, Bandicoot Words, Cassowary Words, Dingo Words and Echidna Words.

Camera Words Video 2
This video covers Fairy Penguin Words, Goanna Words, Hawk Words, Ibis Words and Jellyfish Words.

Camera Words Video 3
This video covers Kangaroo Words, Lyrebird Words, Magpie Words, Numbat Words and Owl Words.

Camera Words Video 4
This video covers Platypus Words, Quokka Words, Rosella Words, Sea Lion Words and Turtle Words.

Camera Words Video 5
This video covers Ulysses Butterfly Words, Velvet Gecko Words, Wombat Words, Yabbi Words and Zebra Finch Words.