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Week 7 August 24 - 28

This week we have an Art and PE lesson for you all to try. Be sure to share your work on Seesaw to receive some feedback!

This week for our Act of Service we would like you to write an ENCOURAGING letter or note for one of your close neighbours. But here’s the catch… don’t write your name at the end! That’s right, we wan’t to give one of your neighbours a completely anonymous note.

Write them a kind message and encourage them to have a great day. Add a picture, decorate your paper, add some stickers, whatever you think will cheer THEM up. Really take some time on this knowing that it might make someone else’s day.

Check with your family, use some hand sanitiser and then safely go drop the letter off in their mailbox and then return home. The interesting part of this Act of Service is you may never know the outcome. Sometimes we must learn to do kind things even if we don’t get to share in the happy feeling at the end.

If you’d like to share part of your letter or note on Seesaw we would love to see your ENCOURAGING words.