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Week 1 October 5 - 9

This week we have a Art and PE lesson for you all to try. Be sure to share your work on Seesaw to receive some feedback!

There are 5 sleeps to go until we are all back together at school! This week we want to focus on taking RESPONSIBILITY for your belongings, it’s not up to your parents, it’s up to YOU! Spend time today locating your belongings and preparing for your return to school. Locate your hat, shoes, summer school uniform, lunch box, drink bottle, sort through and tidy your pencil case, get your books organised and make sure any school resources are ready to be retuned. You may have created a little remote learning workspace at home (or taken over the dining table) so this is a good opportunity to start clearing this space for it’s intended purpose!

By completing this Act of Service you will be making life EASIER for yourself and your family, as it is one less thing for them to think about before school begins. A little ORGANISATION today will go a long way in setting you up for a SUCCESSFUL return to school.

Feel free to share with us via Seesaw, Google Classroom or your parents can share with Ms Vandenbosch or Mr Cuss via Facebook.